All About Eden

A Versatile Talent

Eden Wood

Eden Wood! When you hear her name more than likely the first thing you think of is Toddlers and Tiaras or Pageants! However, Eden started her career, even before the grand old age of 4! The “Pageant Stage” was just a bridge to give her the opportunity to discover much bigger things! As is the case in many small towns across the United States and around the world, the “Pageant Stage” may be one of the few stages available for kids just like Eden.

Born into a family heritage of musicians and performers, Eden was on stage literally at 10 months old right square in the middle of a local High School Christmas Musical in a small rural community of only 766 people. Her Mom, Grandmother, Grandfather and Great Grandmother all who were musicians paved the way for what she would be! Eden now 11 says her heart soars with the love of music and when performing!

Eden hung up her crown from pageantry at the grand old age of 6! No longer wanting to do pageants, but simply be a performer, when performing was what she loved in the first place!

Eden and mom, Mickie, ventured into a new world of reality when Eden Wood got her own show, Eden’s World! Once again the stage was there for her but simply NOT enough to fill what Eden wanted, which was to perform! After one season of Eden’s World, Eden began training in all the Arts! Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Theater and Voice were all worked into her week along with her studies and it wasn’t long until she was up for a role in Universal Studies remake of Little Rascals!

So off 7 year old Eden Wood went to Hollywood! It wouldn’t be easy, but she auditioned along with 1400 other kids! Then a call back, a directors meeting and a conference call was when a little girl from rural Arkansas walked into the role of Darla Hood, Alfalfa’s true love in “Little Rascals Save the Day” which was released in 2014.

Now Eden is back training and studying, making the Honor Roll and getting prepared for what comes next! This past year Eden was in her first stage production of Peter Pan where she auditioned and won the role of Peter Pan! She is just a normal girl who loves to play Minecraft, be a cheerleader and hang out with friends in her free time, while making the Honor Roll with her school work! But, Eden is totally focused on the Big Dreams for her future! Stay tuned for what is coming next!

A Charming Performer

Eden is most at ease on any stage singing, dancing and performing.

She is available for appearances, hosting, and special guest judging; as well as performances!

Eden Wood